In this issue, Mr. Ratburn and Miss Sweetwater go on a double date with Mr. Haney and Miss Tingley, but things get heated up when jealousies emerge.


Mr. Ratburn, Miss Sweetwater, Miss Tingley, and Mr. Haney are sitting in theater seats, watching a movie. Francis is wearing an oversized parka and scarf. Sweet water mentions that she "loves double dates" to Nigel. When Miss Tingley says she's cold, Mr. Haney ignores her and does not give up any of his winter wear. Miss Sweetwater, offers a tub of popcorn to Francis. Francis grins, and reaches for a handful. Miss Tingley glares at Sweetwater. In the bathroom, Miss Tingley confronts Sweetwater about her "move". "What are you trying to do, steal my boyfriend?" Miss Tingley inquires. Sweetwater denies everything in an outburst, then immediantly apologizes for her brashness. Miss Tingley does not accept the apology, and rushes back to the theater, saying "I'm leaving!"


Bold = Major role
" " = unofficial name


The issue was met with generally favorable reviews. All Things Elwood rated the issue 7 out of 10.


  • This issue was originally going to be name Double Date, despite contradictions with the issue already titled Double Date. That was corrected before release.


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