In this issue, Thora's dog Killer goes ballistic while Arthur and D.W. are visiting their grandma.


Grandma Thora welcomes her grandchildren to her house creepily. D.W. is disgusted that Thora still owns Killer, her vicious dog. Thora claims that Killer is a "sweet dog." But Arthur, being oddly parental, is skeptical. Thora says to test out her claims on Baby Kate. So Arthur sets Kate down next to Killer, and the dog clamps down on the baby's skull. Thora panics and scolds Killer, who in turn lunges at her. Grandma Thora is mauled alive while Arthur and D.W. watch helplessly, as their grandma gets shredded to pieces.


Bold = Major role
" " = unofficial name


  • This is Grandma Thora's second appearance, the first being A Whale of a Slaughter.
  • This is Baby Kate's third appearance.

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