Abducted by Tibbles is the sixth issue of Elwood, and the sixth issue in Volume 1.

In this issue, D.W. is kidnapped by Timmy and Tommy Tibble and tortured in their castle.


The Tibble Twins lure D.W. into their clutches by offering her candy. Oblivious to the twins' scheme, D.W. asks for peanut brittle. The Tibbles put a bag over her face to kindap her, and they drag her to their castle.

In the Tibbles' castle, the twins have hung D.W. by her arms. Grandma Tibble comes in and asks, "Do you kids want a snack?" D.W. screams for help, but it seems that Grandma either doesn't notice that D.W. is trapped by her grandchildren or she doesn't care.

Soon the Tibbles have D.W. stretched out on the rack, demanding for her to talk. D.W. says, "I don't even know what you WANT!!" The Tibbles realize their mistake, and inform D.W. that they need to know what candy she wants.

D.W. says, "I said I wanted peanut brittle."





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