Alan Powers, commonly known as The Brain, is a bear who currently attends Elwood City High School. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Powers. During elementary school, Alan was universally known as a child genius to the point of earning himself the nickname "The Brain." However, by high school, his nickname and apparent intelligence had faded away. This, coupled with his insecurities and social awkwardness, resulted in Alan being perceived as hopelessly average. Elwood City High School counselor Serenity Ratburn serves as Alan's therapist.


Alan frequently wears a bland polo sweater and retro aviator glasses, which does not work in his favor. He either has a buzz cut or is prematurely balding.


He is mild-mannered and is one of the most polite characters in the series. He is highly intellectual, which earned him the nickname "The Brain", which is often shorted to just "Brain".

His parents owned and ran Powers' Ice Cream, and he is the only working employee. The shop was running low on customers, so Mrs. Powers told Brain to rile up business and try to get his friends to start coming to the ice cream shop, instead of the Sugar Bowl. He fails to do so, and the ice cream shop is put out of business (Alan's Plea).

Bitzi Baxter, who was executed for double murder, left all of her possessions to Alan because he chose a hat that matched her eyes (featured in an Arthur episode).

Due to  Brain's exceptional intellect, he mathematically calculated that life is meaningless, and subsequently was flung into a crippling depression. He even attempted suicide, but his mother stopped him at the last second (Alan's Existential Crisis).





Ceremony Category Result
1st Woody Awards Best Female Character Won
2nd Woody Awards


Best Overall Character Nominated
Best Female Character Nominated
Best Kid/Non-Adult Character Won


  1. Alan repeated kindergarten, which means that when he was in third grade from 2014 to 2015, he was the age of a fourth grader. Fourth graders are typically 9 or 10.
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