Alberto Molina (born July 26, 2001[1]) is the son of Ramón and Mrs. Molina, and the brother of Vicita Molina. His only appearance so far is in Arthur and los Inmigrantes Ilegales.


Alberto Molina was born in Ecuador to Ramón Molina and Mrs. Molina. Nine and a half years later, his sister, Vicita Molina, was born. Sometime after that, the Molinas escaped to Elwood City in the United States illegally. They lived as illegal immigrants in a house neighboring the Read family. Soon after that (less than a year), the family was somehow discovered by the police. Alberto's father, Ramón, pleaded with their neighbor, David Read, to hide them before they were taken back to Ecuador. But the family was captured, and all four of them were deported back to Ecuador.



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