Arthur Read and Francine Frensky shared a friendship for years, until it blossomed into a romantic relationship during the 2015 Lakewood Prom.

Before Volume 10Edit

Prior to Volume 10, Francine and Arthur are frequently in conflict with each other. The most obvious example of this is seen in Xmas with a Capital X, when Jewish Francine protests Arthur bringing a Christmas cake to the Christmas party.

Volume 10Edit

Somehow Arthur and Francine paired together for the upcoming prom at their school. Jane Read, Arthur's mother, drove Arthur to Francine's apartment to pick her up (A Special Prom: Redux). At first, Francine refused to dance and sustained a curiously sour tone about the entire event. Later, Francine retreated to the bathroom. Arthur followed her in, and asked why she was "weeping". Francine revealed that she had been under a lot of emotional stress with her father's death and her sister's disappearance. Arthur then comforted Francine. Prunella Deegan walked into the bathroom and witnessed the scene in shock. Arthur and Francine returned to the dance floor, where the passionately kissed while the Prom Queen was announced.