In the issue, the Reads discover that their neighbors, the Molinas, are actually illegal immigrants.


At the Molinas' casa, the border patrol have the house surrounded. Next door at the Reads' house, Ramón Molina bursts in the front door begging for help. David asks, "What's going on Ramón?" Cradling his family, Ramón reveals to David that the border patrol has finally caught up to them. David realizes that the Molinas are illegal immigrants, and Ramón tells him the tragic tale...

One year earlier, Ramón and his family immigrated from Ecuador to cross the southern border of the United States. At the border fence, Ramón says, "Come on Vicita!" to which she replies, "¡No reacho!"

Ramón is interrupted by a pounding at the door, and he pleads with David to hide him and his family from the border patrol. David wants Ramón's chimichanga recipe in return, but Ramón is hesitant. An officer bursts in screaming, "The jig is up Molina! Back to Ecuador with you!"


Bold = Major role
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  • Despite Arthur being in the title, he never appears in this episode.
  • In the episode, Ramón is written with no accent on the 'o'.
  • This episode has a corresponding Elwood Alive. episode.


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