Baby B. Baxter was the son of Bo Baxter and Kara Baxter. It is unknown what the "B" stands for, or if his legal name is simply "Baby B."

Baby B., along with his mother, was murdered by Bitzi Baxter in a parking lot, ran over by her car.


Baby B. was born to Bo and Kara Baxter. It was later when he and his mother learned about his father's previous family; Baby B.'s half-brother, Buster Baxter, and his father's ex-wife, Bitzi Baxter (The Secret Life of Bo Baxter).


Baby B. was being carried by Kara in a grocery store parking lot. Bitzi Baxter, Baby B.'s father's ex-wife, was in a presumably insane state. Bitzi ran Kara and Baby B. over with her car, killing them both. Kara's final words where "No! Somebody please save my baby!" (Bitzi Goes Ballistic).

Funeral and legacyEdit

The joint funeral of Kara Baxter and Baby B. Baxter was attended only by Bo Baxter. Bitzi Baxter arrived half way through. Both corpses were in an open casket. (Loved and Lost).


  • Baby B's final words were, "I wuvoo mommy."