The diary of Bitzi Baxter (also known as The Forbidden Book) was the subject of an ongoing story arc in Elwood. Although it was in the apartment of Bo Baxter, it was legally owned by Alan "The Brain" Powers, as he was given all of Bitzi's possessions after her death.

It first appeared when Bitzi Baxter was writing in it in her jail cell; She was on death row for murder. Bitzi left her diary in her cell after she was taken off to be executed (The Day of Reckoning, Part 1). Later, the diary was found by "Prison warden". At Bitzi's funeral, "Prison warden" gave the diary to Bitzi's son, Buster Baxter (Touched by an Angel). Buster brought it to his father's apartment. Buster opened the diary and began to read, but it was suddenly confiscated by his father, Bo Baxter. Bo hid it in a out-of-use toilet. Later, Buster found the toilet and the diary inside. But when he opened up the diary, it had accumulated too much dust; Buster had an asthma attack before he could read it (Just Breathe). Buster finally retrieved the diary and was able to read the tragic story of his parents' divorce (Dear Diary, Part 1, Dear Diary, Part 2, Dear Diary, Part 3).

The diary was incinerated by Chelsea Darlings in on October 6, 2014.

A real-life edition with the full content with be released sometime after Volume 6[1].


The Day of Reckoning, Part 1Edit

While Bitzi was writing in the diary, and wrote this:

"Dear Diary, I never meant for it to be like this...Fifteen years ago today, I married Bo Baxter, and today I find myself on death row."
—The first know contents of Bitzi's diary.

Touched by an AngelEdit

After Bitzi's death, Buster had a chance to open the diary and begin reading a different section:

"My dearest Buster, this diary is for you. I want you to-"
—What Buster read before it was taken away by his father.

Dear Diary, Part 1Edit

In the Volume 6 finale, Buster finally has a chance to read the diary. It continues the sentence started in Touched by and Angel.

"My dearest Buster, this diary is for you. I want you to know the true story of your father and I. Buster, my son, your father will lie to you, but you must know the truth...brace yourself..."
—The complete first entry.

Dear Diary, Part 2Edit

Buster continues to read the diary:

"Once upon a time your father and I were madly in love. We met sixteen years ago when I heroically saved Bo from an oncoming truck. That's when I knew...we were perfect together. Or so I thought. Bo had just earned his pilot's license, so he proposed to me in the only way he knew. But after that we went into a nosedive. My mother warned be about marrying a pilot. Bo missed our wedding, so I had to marry a picture of him. Strangely, Bo did find time to come to the reception. What Buster read before it was taken away by his father. Everything was fine...until you came along."
—The second entry of the diary.

Dear Diary, Part 3Edit

The diary goes on to tell the story of Bitzi and Bo's divorce:

"The divorce was bloody and violent. I'll never forget that night. Bo had just returned from one of his plane trips. That night changed our lives forever. Bo had chiseled a hideous tattoo into my back, a horrid reminder of our past. Buster, my son. I love you. Bo hates you. Remember me."
—The end of the second entry.



The last remnants of the diary.

Buster was found reading the diary by Chelsea Darlings, Buster's father's girlfriend. Chelsea (after referring to the diary as "the forbidden book") grabbed the diary, and tossed it into the fireplace. Buster screamed as the pages were destroyed. A few minutes later, after Chelsea was choked and Bo was stabbed to death, the last remains of the diary could be seen in the fireplace: Half a page that says: "Remember me". This was the last part of the diary read by Buster in the previous issue (Dear Diary, Part 4).




  1. This piece of information has been officially confirmed and certified by Samuel Anderson.