In this issue, Bitzi's hatred for Bo's wife and son reaches the breaking point.


At the supermarket, Kara and her son Baby B. are shopping. Baby B. wants a carrot, and Kara happily agrees. Baby B. is complimented by a rather ugly and disturbing stranger by calling him adorable. Outside in the parking lot, Bitzi is hiding out in her car. When the happy mother and son walk past, Bitzi says to herself, "If you think you can steal my ex-husband... you are sadly dead." Bitzi floors the gas and her car plummets into Kara and Baby B. As they both are sucked under the vehicle, Kara's last words are "NOOO! Someone please save my baby!" These words show where Kara's heart was at, and that she was truly an angel on earth. A graphic final panel shows a deranged Bitzi inside the car that the mutilated corpses of Kara and Baby B. are lying beneath.


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  • Although this issue is the last on-panel appearance of Kara and Baby B., their corpses are shown in Loved and Lost and they are mentioned in multiple Volume 5 issues.


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