Bo Baxter and Chelsea Darlings were in an not-very-serious relationship. They were both extremely rude and bratty. Bo's son Buster is very offended at their relationship, because they got together so soon after the death of Bo's ex-wife, Bitzi.

Volume 6Edit

Bo and Chelsea met in a bar in Third Time's a Charm. Despite the initial awkward give-and-take, the couple really seemed to hit it off, probably due to their shared bratty personalities. Bo brought Chelsea home with him from the bar, which severely disgusted and offended Buster. Chelsea was annoyed by Buster, and said that she hates kids.

Later, Chelsea discovered Buster reading "the forbidden book", Buster's mother's diary. Chelsea grabbed the diary and threw it into the fireplace. Enraged, Buster attacked Chelsea. He choked her, then continued to stab Bo, his father, to death. It is unknown if Chelsea is currently living, but the death of Bo officially ended the relationship.