In this issue, Brain and his family celebrate Kwanzaa when they are rudely interrupted...


To be written.


Bold = Major role
" " = unofficial name


The issue was met with average reviews. All Things Elwood rated the issue 8 out of 10. Despite its overall rating, the issue was criticized for its heavy emphasis on race, mostly in panel nine when Fern says "You're black? Coulda fooled me."


  • The title is a play off Arthur's Perfect Christmas, the Christmas special of the original Arthur series,
  • Panel 6, when Fern walks into the house, is referring to the episode Brain Gets Hooked, when Fern walked into the Powers' house uninvited.
  • In panel 4, everyone is wondering what the name for the Kwanzaa candle-holder is after Brain incorrectly calls it a "menorah". The real name is a kinara.


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