In the episode, Buster gets a video camera that makes everything look realistic.


Bitzi gets Buster a video camera, much like she did when he went on a trip with Bo. When Buster records Bitzi, the camera shows an eerily realistic rabbit wearing red glasses. Buster is shocked and disturbed.

At school, Buster tries to hide the camera from his friends, but Francine gets a hold of it and records herself, Arthur, and Binky. When she sees the video, she is deeply disturbed and angry at Buster. Arthur also takes a video of Mr. Ratburn.


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  • This is the only episode to contain real-life photos.
  • This is the only episode not to be published in paper form, only digital.
  • The fact that Buster's camera records realistic video instead of cartoon form is a reference to the Arthur episode Postcards from Buster, when Buster takes his camera to New York City and records live-action footage. Nobody seems to notice the difference.


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