Buster Baxter-Mills[4][5][6] is a male teenage rabbit who lives in Elwood City and attends Elwood City High School. He used to be the best friend of Arthur Read, until they "broke up."[7] As a child, Buster attended Lakewood Elementary School, where he was known for having divorced parents and asthma.

He was once seen as the class clown, but his demeanor became more sullen as he grew older. This is likely because of his mother's death in September 2014,[8] after which he was forced to live with his physically and verbally abusive father. Buster murdered his father in October 2014,[9] and was subsequently adopted by Harry Mills (his mother's ex-fiancé).[10]

In high school, Buster dated classmate Ladonna Compson.[11] The couple eventually broke up after she tried forcing him to visit her family in Louisiana.[12]


Early lifeEdit

Buster Baxter was born between January 21 and February 18 in 2006, to Bitzi and Bo Baxter.[3] His parents were married on September 6, 1999,[13] but divorced shortly after Buster was born. Bitzi later claimed that Buster's birth was why the marriage deteriorated.[14]

Buster's mother was a journalist for the Elwood City Times[7] and his father was a commercial pilot.[15] He attended Lakewood Elementary School.[16]

Friendship with ArthurEdit

"You're just a racist monster! I hope you die."
—A livid Buster lambasting Arthur after their break-up.[7]

Buster met Arthur Read when he was young, and the pair became best friends.[16] In May 2014, however, Arthur approached Buster and told him "I'm sorry. It's over." Though Arthur never explicitly gave a reason, it is implied that the split was due to Buster being a rabbit and Arthur being an aardvark. Bitzi, Buster's mother, soon learned about the event and published a scathing headline on Arthur in the Elwood City Times.[7]

First attack from BoEdit

Later in May 2014, Buster's father, Bo, arrived at the home of Bitzi and Buster, seeking vengeance. Bo claimed that his life after the divorce was "living crap," he blamed his ex-wife. Before either of them could retaliate, Bo attacked and maimed both Bitzi and Buster. Buster has his head physically torn from his body, and Bitzi appeared to have her skull collapsed.[17] Despite the mortal wounds, Buster and his mother survived the skirmish. He was seen wearing a neck brace shortly after.[18]

Second attack from BoEdit

Buster and Bitzi were at Lakewood Elementary School for Bring-Your-Parent(s)-To-School Day when Bo, who was piloting a plane above, recognized the building as Buster's school. Just moments after Buster, Bitzi, and all the other students and parents were dismissed from school, Bo nosedived the plane and crashed into the school. Because of this timing, no one was harmed in the attack.[19]

The event was classified as terrorism, but Bo survived the crash. Bo suddenly fled the scene to the dismay of Bitzi and onlookers, yelling "I'll be back!"[20]

Father's new familyEdit

In June 2014, Buster and Bitzi discovered that Bo had remarried and already had an infant son. Buster's new step-mother was Kara Baxter, a bubbly and effusively kind woman who seemed oblivious to Bo's past and violent tendencies. After contacting Bo, he was noticeably happier, but still pledged to seek revenge on his first wife.[21]

Bo's new family made Buster's mother extremely jealous, and she plotted to upstage him by marrying someone herself. Bitzi planned to rekindle her romance with Harry Mills,[22] her ex-boyfriend.[16] The couple were quickly engaged, but Harry called off the wedding after learning that Bitzi had a past marriage.[23]

Buster continued to be involved in the romantic struggles of his mother. After the botched wedding, Buster encouraged his mother to date Mr. Morris, hoping that Morris' staunch belief in aliens would rub off on Bitzi. Morris and Bitzi ultimately broke up.[24][25]

Death of BitziEdit

On August 5, 2014, Buster's mother committed double murder, running over Kara Baxter and her infant son with a car.[26] Buster originally believed his mother was innocent, and was devastated when she confided in him that she was guilty.[27] After Bitzi was formally convicted and sentenced to death, Buster's father, Bo, was granted full custody of him.[28]

Bitzi was executed by electric chair on September 6, 2014, with Buster's father, Bo, being the one to personally pull the lever to activate the chair.[8][29]

Bitzi's diary and life with BoEdit

Bitzi's funeral was held on September 17. During the proceedings, Buster was given Bitzi's diary by the prison warden. However, it was confinscated by Bo before Buster could read it.[30]

While living in his father's apartment, Buster was able to locate his mother's diary hidden in the toilet. He endured a severe asthma attack (brought on by the dirtiness of Bo's apartment), and wasn't able to read the diary.[31] Around this time, Bo started dating Chelsea Darlings, who was disgusted at Buster's existence and stated "I hate kids."[32]

Death of BoEdit

On October 6, 2014, Buster was finally able in retrieving Bitzi's diary. He read through several entries, and learned about how his parents met and divorced.[33][34][35]

"Buster, my son...I love you. Bo hates you. Remember me."
—The final entry of Bitzi's diary, written on the day of her death and read by Buster one month later.[35]
As he read, Buster was found by Chelsea, his father's girlfriend. After alerting Bo, Chelsea grabbed the diary out of Buster's hands and tossed it into the nearby fireplace. The book was destroyed in the furnace, and Chelsea and laughed in their victory. However, Buster became enraged. After subduing Chelsea, Buster weilded a large butcher knife against his father. He claimed that Bo "killed Mommy" (referring to Bo's part in executing Bitzi), and then stabbed Bo through the abdomen. Bo bled out and died on the floor.[36]

Orphanhood and adoptionEdit

After murdering Bo, Buster managed to evade the police, and sought refuge at the Reads' house. Despite Buster's break-up with Arthur, the most hostile member of the Read family was Jane, who initially did not let Buster live with them.[37] It seems that, eventually, Buster was allowed to live at the Reads house, because he remained there for the next month.[10]

On November 13, 2014, Buster overhead Jane and David Read saying that he had "overstayed his welcome." Distraught, Buster ran away from the Read home. He stumbled upon Harry Mills, the ex-boyfriend and ex-fiancé of his mother, who spontaneously announced his desire to adopt Buster.[10] The adoption later became legally official,[38] and Buster changed his surname to Baxter-Mills.[4][5]

Relationship with LadonnaEdit

At some point in time, Buster entered a romantic relationship with Ladonna Compson, a classmate. When they were both seniors at Elwood City High School, Buster became frustrated and dissatisfied with the relationship. He told Arthur (with whom he had apparently fully reconciled): "I gotta ditch her."[39]

Ladonna repeatedly asked Buster to join her on a trip to Louisiana, where her family lives. Buster refused, and the topic became a source of argument for the couple.[40] Eventually, Buster broke up with Ladonna after learning that she had told her family that they were married.[41]

On September 6, 2023, the ninth anniversary of Bitzi's death, Buster and Harry went to see the grave site. Buster was horrified to see that the gravestone had been vandalized, with the word "Murderer" painted over Bitzi's name. An anonymous letter left near the gravesite read: "Y'all ruin my life, I ruin y'all's. Sorry, sugah." It was later revealed that Ladonna was the one who graffiti-ed the grave, in retaliation after their break-up.[42]


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