In this issue, Muffy Crosswire debuts her new hair style at school, and gets bullied online when it gets bad feedback.


At school, Muffy shows off her new hairdo to Francine and Francine. They are both obviously disturbed and disgusted by her hair but try to hide their feelings.

Back at Muffy's mansion, Muffy gets on her laptop to check El-Chat, Elwood City's prime gossip forum. She expects to read everyone raving about her new hairdo. The top trend is #MuffyisUgly. Everyone is actually gossiping about how Muffy's hair is "ugly," "barfola," and "like a rat's nest."

Muffy breaks down in tears, asking "How could Francine say these things about me?" She texts Francine, but the response is "Go kill urself." So Muffy rips her hair out and stars bawling. She attempts suicide by overdose, but Francine stops her at the last minute.



  • This is the third suicide attempt on the show, and the first suicide attempt to be unsuccessful. It is the second suicide attempt to be provoked by the text of a friend. (see List of Murders and Suicides)
  • The title, CY83R8U11Y, is a text-like styling of the word "cyberbully."


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