Carl Gold[1][note 1] is disabled rabbit. His most obvious trait is the fact that he suffers from Asperger syndrome, which causes him to have a panic attack at new or unusual situations. Whenever Carl gets out of his comfort zone, he curls into a ball and chants "eh, eh, eh" until his mommy saves him. He also has an obsession with trains. George Lundgren is Carl's friend, probably his only one.

Carl has only been featured in one issue so far: The Specially Gifted Club, in which he conspires with Marina Datillo and Lydia Gordon to form an exclusive club for disabled people.

Carl was crowned Prom King at the 2015 Lakewood Prom, along with his date, Lydia Gordon. The crowning was controversial because both of the recipients for disabled.



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  1. In the Arthur series, Carl's last name was first revealed in the episode "Carl's Concerto," which first aired in May 2015. This name was then incorporated into Elwood in June 2015 in A Special Prom. However, the closed captioning for Arthur spelled the name "Gould" while the Elwood issue spelled the name "Gold."