In this issue, Catherine is interrogated for the murder of Jemima Jewels.


Catherine and Chip are walking down a hallway in an unknown building. Chip has his hands outward, as if explaining something. He reminds Catherine to "remember the story" they agreed on. Catherine enters an interrogation room, where she meets an ageing police rabbit woman. The officer asks for Catherine's full name ("Catherine Moses Frensky"), then asks what is Catherine's involvement in the murder of Jemima Jewels. Catherine starts to get nervous. She sees Chip through the window, holding up an encouraging thumbs-up. Quickly, Catherine sputters a lie about Jemima dying from suffocation. The police woman points out that their is a "visible gun wound" in Jemima's head. Catherine starts to panic. Suddenly, she screams "it was me! I killed Jemima!" and she is immediently arrested. Outside in the hallway, Chip receives a phone call. It is from his sister, Muffy, who tells him that their parents are in a fight. Then, Catherine is ushered out of the room in handcuffs, must to Chip's astonishment.


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All Things Elwood rated the issue 8 out of 10. The issue's title was highly criticized because of it's similarity to Fern Finally Cracks, and the lack of "cracking" Catherine did in the issue.


  • The phone call Chip received in panel 8 is the phone call that Muffy called to him in the previous issue, The Other Woman.


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