Catherine Moses[7] Robinson[8] (née Frensky) is a female monkey who lives in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband, Adolf, and at least two children. Catherine's hometown is Elwood City, where she lived with her own family until she ran away in 2014. She is the daughter of Laverne Crosswire and the late Oliver Frensky, and has one younger sister and one younger half-brother from her mother's second marriage.

As a teenager, Catherine had an infatuation with Chip Crosswire, and the pair had a controversial on-and-off relationship characterized by drama and passion. Although they eventually both married other people, the romantic tension and speculation between them continued until Chip's death in 2023.


Early lifeEdit

Catherine Moses Frensky was born in 1998 or 1999 to Oliver and Laverne Frensky. In 2006, her younger sister, Francine, was born. The family had meager earnings, as Oliver's job as a sanitation engineer was the only household income. They lived in Westboro Apartments.

Family troublesEdit


Catherine and her family after Oliver's death.

In May 2014, Oliver Frensky lost his job and subsequently committed suicide by jumping out of the apartment window. His death plummeted the family into financial destitution. Eventually, the Frenskys became so poor that they lost their apartment and ate the family cat.[9]

Soon after, the family was "exiled" from their Jewish synagogue because Francine ate a few pieces of bacon.[10]

First reunion with ChipEdit


Catherine and Chip on a date.

"Can we... get back together? Like old times?"
—Chip talking to Catherine over the phone.[11]

In June 2014, Catherine and Chip rekindled their relationship for the first time. Apparently, they had dated in the past but broke up.[11]

Three days later, Catherine and Chip were on a date at Young & Hip Café. After coming back from the restroom, Catherine was shocked to find her sister, Francine, romantically sharing a drink with Chip.[12]

First breakup and second reunion with ChipEdit

Soon after Francine and Chip began dating, Catherine became furious and desperate. After hearing her pleas, Chip seemed to be sympathetic. He suggested that the two sisters duel each other, with the victor winning Chip. In the fight, Francine defeated Catherine with just one sucker punch.[13]


Chip stopping Catherine from jumping off the bridge.

Catherine began to contemplate suicide, saying "life's not worth living" if Chip didn't love her. After positioning herself at the edge of Suicide Bridge, she sent a final text to Chip that read "say u <3 me or its over." After reading the text, Chip abandoned Francine and reunited with Catherine just moments before she would have jumped.[14]

Second breakup with ChipEdit

During August, Catherine and Chip seemed to have a stable romantic life. But, meanwhile, the relationship was causing controversy among their younger sisters and parents. Laverne, Catherine's mother, didn't want her daughter dating a non-Jew, while Chip's father didn't want him dating someone as "poor as dirt."[15]

On August 30, 2014, Catherine and Chip were forcefully separated by their parents. A week later, while Catherine was mournfully looking out her apartment window, she received a letter from Chip saying that he was "back at Tallahassee Tech" (the college he attended). Catherine ran away from home in hopes of reuniting with Chip.[16]

Chip's first engagementEdit


Catherine and a newly-engaged Chip.

On September 30, Catherine finally arrived at Tallahassee Tech after traveling across the county on foot. Almost immediately after seeing Chip, she realizing that he was wearing a large engagement ring.[17] Later, at a coffee shop, Chip told her that he had thought Catherine had "given up" on him. Catherine said he could "like whoever" he wanted, but broke down crying once Chip had left.[18]

Exhausted and distraught, Catherine called her mother back in Elwood City, saying that she was coming home. But instead of welcoming Catherine back, Laverne essentially disowned her.[19]
"You're not my daughter. You never were."
—Laverne's words to Catherine before hanging up the phone.[19]

Murder of Jemima Jewels and prison sentenceEdit


Catherine crying over Jemima's dead body.

On December 18, 2014, Catherine somehow acquire a handgun. She broke into the dorm of Jemima Jewels, Chip's fiancée,[20] and shot her in the leg. While Jemima was in anguish, Catherine accused her of stealing the "love of [her] life." She shot Jemima squarely through the forehead, killing her, just as Chip entered the room. After Jemima had died, Chip informed Catherine that he had recently broken off the engagement, meaning Catherine no longer had a reason to kill her.[21]

By February 5, 2015, Catherine and Chip had seemingly resumed their relationship. Catherine was called into the police station for questioning surrounding Jemima's murder, during which she confessed to the crime.[22] Catherine was officially charged with first-degree murder and sent to Tallahassee Prison. Her sentencing began on April 18, 2015.[4][note 1]

Chip's second engagementEdit


Chip shocking Catherine with his engagement ring.

While Chip was visiting Catherine in prison on June 10, 2015, Catherine was under the impression that he was coming to "save" her. However, instead Chip revealed that he was engaged to marry Laverne, Catherine's mother. Chip gave her a cake with the words "It's over. We're done." and left.[3]

Catherine had somehow dug a large hole in the wall of her prison cell, probably a way of escape, but it is unknown if she ever used it.[3]

Release from prison and marriage to AdolfEdit

Sometime in 2019, Catherine was granted "early parole" from prison due to good behavior. She eventually married Adolf Robinson (who she described as a "kidnapper") and had at least two children.[4]

Chip's return and suicideEdit


Catherine sees Chip for the first time in eight years.

Around September 2023, Chip showed up at Catherine's trailer park home in Tallahassee. Catherine greeted him warmly, and called him an "old friend" when Adolf started getting suspicious.[4] Once the pair was alone, Chip told Catherine that he "made a mistake" and wanted to "start a new life" with her. However, Catherine could not forgive him for abandoning her in prison and marrying her mother.[23]

Catherine's answer devastated Chip. After leaving the trailer park, Chip found a steep cliff overlooking the ocean and flung himself off it.[23] His body was found several days later, and Catherine was informed due to her number being the last called on his phone. After struggling to hide her grief from Adolf, she called her mother to tell her about Chip's death. This was the first time Catherine and Laverne had spoke since their last phone call in 2014. She told Laverne that she blamed herself for the suicide.[24]


Person Total tenure Status Status tenure Children
Chip Crosswire
Before Elwood Dating (?)[25] Before Elwood 0
Broken up Before ElwoodIssue 034
Issue 034039 Dating Issue 034039
Broken up Issue 039048
Issue 048061 Dating Issue 048061
Broken up Issue 061–Around or soon after Issue 121
Around or soon after Issue 121Issue 154 Dating Around or soon after Issue 121Issue 154
Broken up Issue 154180 (Chip's death)
Adolf Robinson
Before Issue 179–Present Dating
Before Issue 179 2 or more
Married Before Issue 179–Present


Ed Crosswire
Millicent Crosswire
Muffy Crosswire
Chip Crosswire †
Laverne Crosswire
Oliver Frensky †
Oliver Crosswire
Francine Frensky
Catherine Robinson
Adolf Robinson
Robinson children


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Ceremony Category Result
1st Woody Awards Best Female Character Nominated
Favorite Couple (with Chip Crosswire) Won
2nd Woody Awards Favorite Couple (with Adolf Robinson) Nominated
Least Favorite Couple (with Adolf Robinson) Nominated
Least-Likely-To-Endure Couple (with Adolf Robinson) Nominated


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  1. There is some confusion around the length of Catherine's prison sentence. In Issue 154, Catherine states "only 49 years" until she is released. This would be a strange number for a prison sentence, and 50 years is more likely. But in Issue 179, on the police officer's computer in panel 3, it is shown that Catherine's sentence began on April 18, 2015 and ended in 2065 or 2085 (the actual year is difficult to distinguish). This means her sentence would be either 50 years or 70 years.