This article is written from a real-world point of view

This article is written from a real-world point of view, meaning it is not in the universe of Elwood or Arthur, it's in our universe.


The first instance of censorship in Elwood.

The Elwood comics have historically censored obscenities such as profanity and nudity, and in some cases identity. Interestingly, intense violence and even death has never been censored in the comics. As of Issue 189, there have been a total of 19 instances of censorship in Elwood and Elwood High. The majority of these (16) have been expletives redacted by a black bar. There has been only one instance of nudity (in Issue 189), which was concealed by pixelation.

The first two instances of censorship occurred in issue 16 (Bo Goes Terrorist: The Aftermath) on a Channel 5 news broadcast, which showed a photo of Bo, Bitzi, and Buster Baxter at Buster's first birthday party. Bitzi and Buster's eyes were blacked out to conceal their identities.

Frequency of censorship increased with the continuation of Elwood High, which claims 11 of the 19 instances.

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