Chip Crosswire and Francine Frensky had a brief relationship, much to the horror of Francine's sister, Catherine.

Volume 3Edit

At Young & Hip Café, Francine is spying on Catherine and Chip on their date. Chip discovers Francine hiding while Catherine is in the bathroom, and Catherine returns to find her sister with her date (Double Date).

Volume 4Edit

Catherine is outraged at Francine for stealing her date, and at Chip for having feelings for her sister. The sisters fight over Chip, and Chip decides there's only one way to settle the conflict: a duel. Francine wins the fight, and Chip's hand. This causes Catherine to fall into a depression (In the Hand of Fate).

Francine and Chip are still together in The Darkest Hour, until Chip receives a text from Catherine that says: "say u <3 me or its over." Much to Francine's dismay, Chip dumps her to go save Catherine from committing suicide.


This relationship was seen by fans and critics as being "disgusting" and "inappropriate" due to Francine being an 8-year-old girl. The criticism was heavily upon the massive age gap between the two. Samuel Anderson made the couple break-up before any other precautions could be made.