Chip Crosswire and Jemima Jewels are currently engaged. They are both wealthy and seem to be a perfect couple, although their relationship has driven a wedge between Chip and his on-and-off girlfriend Catherine Frensky.

Before Volume 6Edit

Chip returned to Tallahassee Tech in the Volume 5 issue Worlds Apart. Between then and the next Frenskwire Love Saga, Chip presumably met Jemima at the college and they fell in love, because of their shared love for money. Chip proposed to Jemima and they became engaged.

Volume 6Edit

Catherine discovers that her former lover is engaged to another woman in A Whole New World, although Chip's fiancée is not revealed until later.

In Broken Promises, Chip and Catherine discuss their relationship at the coffee shop. Jemima interrupts and tells Chip that the limo has arrived, an indicator that she is rich. She addresses Chip as her "little potato chip." Although she does become testy when Chip holds up the limo, stating that "time is money."

Volume 7Edit

Throughout Volume 7, tensions grow between Chip and Jemima as it becomes obvious that Chip still has feelings for Catherine. Soon they face this problem head-on, when Jemima confronts Chip in The Choice. Chip admits that he still has feelings for his past girlfriend, and Jemima forces him to decide between them.

Volume 8Edit

Later, Chip returns to Jemima to declare his decision, and he dumps her for Catherine. Jemima and her friends are enraged. As Chip runs away, Jemima screams through tears, "YOU DON'T DESERVE ME!" (D-Day)