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The Church of Prunella was a cult religion established by Prunella Deegan in The Church of Prunella, Parts 1, 2, and 3. Many students at Lakewood Elementary believed Prunella's prophecies, but they revolted when it became obvious that Prunella is not divine. It is unknown if any adherents remain. Followers of Prunella refer to themselves as "the Anointed Ones."[1]


Many of the cult's beliefs can be inferred from Prunella's proclamations, however it is unknown if there are any other beliefs.

Followers of Prunella believe in an all-powerful deity known as the Rat God. He reveals visions and prophecies to Prunella Deegan, whom he has chosen as his sole prophet. Prunella then proclaims these revelations to her followers. Prunella is called "Holy Anointed One" by her followers.[2]

Those who do not follow Prunella are called heathens, and are prophesied to perish from the wrath of the Rat God if they do not follow Prunella.

The Three Visions of PrunellaEdit

During the three-part The Church of Prunella series, Prunella received three revelations from the Rat God. The first revealed that she was to be the Rat God's prophet, and proclaim his word to the entire school. The second warned of the imminent destruction of the school, from a comet which was to collide with earth at noon. The third revelation revealed that the Rat God was very angry that not everyone had converted, so the second vision was cancelled.

Known AdherentsEdit

This is a list of the known named followers of Prunella, although they all revolted against her when her prophecies did not hold water.

There were also dozens, if not hundreds, of other unnamed background followers.