In this issue, Bitzi and Buster embrace for a final time while Bitzi awaits execution on death row.


At the maximum security prison, Buster asks the prison warden to see his mom. The warden yells, "BITZAY! You got a visitor." On the opposite side of the glass, Bitzi wearily places her palm on the window. Buster tells Bitzi that he misses her. Bitzi is still angry at Bo for sending her to death row in the first place. Buster agrees, although he still doesn't realize that Bitzi is responsible the murders of Kara and Baby B. Baxter. Bitzi hesitates for a moment, then dramatically confesses that she is guilty of the murders. Buster and Bitzi both break down sobbing. The warden comes back to bring Bitzi to her last meal, but not before she screams to Buster, "I LOVE YOU!!!"


Bold = Major role
" " = unofficial name


  • Bitzi's prison number is 3736, the same as it was in Trial and Error, parts one and two.


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