David L.[1] Read is an aardvark, and the husband of Jane Read, the father of Arthur, D.W., and Kate Read. David is a cook and he worked as a caterer until he was fired. He has a drinking problem, causing him to abuse his wife.


David Read was born to Thora Read and her husband about 35 years before Elwood. David grew up with his mother. He later met Jane, and they got married. David's drinking issues possibly began at this time. David started Darling David's Catering, a business that catered to private parties and events. After two years of being married, David and Jane had a son, Arthur Read. Four years later they had a daughter, D.W. Read, and another daughter after that, Kate Read.

Soon, David got into the habit of physically assaulting his wife and children. Jane got the blunt of it. This put a damper on their marital relationship, and the couple starting going to marriage counseling. David tried to conceal the traces of abuse from the counselor.

David's catering business was terminated when Kate's diaper was found in a salad. Now unemployed, David drank even more alcohol.