In this issue, D.W. bravely eats another green chip, with horrific results.


At the Reads' house, D.W. reminds everyone when she thought she was going to die from eating a green potato chip (this references the Arthur episode The Chips are Down). Arthur tells D.W. that green chips aren't poisonous. Ironically, David is reading a newspaper that screams the headline "LAYS RECALLS 1000s OF CHIPS BECAUSE OF POISONOUS GREEN CHIPS."

Reaching into a bag of chips, D.W. replies, "I know that now. I'm a big girl." She eats a green chip.

Suddenly she is rushed to the hospital, where the doctor exclaims that her stomach is bloating. Asking Jane what D.W. ate, Jane replies, "I haven't fed her in days... but she did eat a green chip." Upon hearing this, the doctor rushes to prepare an emergency surgery.

Without any anesthesia, the doctor performs the surgery on D.W. while she is screaming.

Back in the waiting room, the doctor tells Jane and Arthur, "I'm sorry... we did all we could... and she lived." D.W. stands paralyzed, holding a bag with the green chip.


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