El-Chat (slogan: Gushy Gossip Galore) is a local chatroom website in Elwood City. The name is probably a short version of Elwood Chat. It's popular among schoolgirls for gossiping and cyberbullying, with one exception.

Muffy Crosswire visits the chatroom in CY83R8U11Y, hoping that everyone is raving about her new hairdo. On the contrary, the trending hashtag is #MuffyIsUgly, and everyone is discussing the repulsiveness of her hair. This later leads Muffy to attempt suicide.

Arthur Read posted a video of his sister doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and getting injured. Muffy and Francine Frensky were browsing El-Chat at the time, and encountered Arthur's video (D.W. Breaks the Ice).

In Muffy's Cyber Drama, Muffy visits the chatroom again to 'poke' Francine, only to find Binky lurking on her page.


El-Chat seems to have elements of both Twitter and Facebook, as you can use hashtags and '@' tags, but users also have their own wall and posts can be 'liked'. The top-trending hashtag is shown on the top of each page.

Top Trending HashtagsEdit


These characters are shown to use El-Chat: