Elwood City is the city where Elwood is set, and most of the characters reside. Most of the issues are set in Elwood City, with notable exceptions including Tallahassee Tech and Roswell, New Mexico. Crown City is a nearby metropolis by the sea. Elwood City was built on swampland and founded by Jacob Katzenellenbogan in 1903, although he wanted it to be called Elmwood City.

The city is surrounded by mountains to the north, Moose Mountain to the south, Bear Lake to the west, and farmland to the east.

The city's mayor was Mayor Hirsch up until the Inter-Species Revolution (Revolution, Part 4), when he was assassinated by Nigel Ratburn. Shortly after the inter-species activists overthrew the government, Ratburn was instated as mayor because of the "assassination law." That is, "Whoever murders the mayor becomes his successor."



The city seal and state flag reveal that Elwood City is located in Pennsylvania.

The exact location of Elwood City was unknown until the city seal and the state flag were displayed during a press conference at City Hall.[1] Both of these pieces of evidence confirm that Elwood City is located in Pennsylvania, which aligns with the fact that the city is within a right-to-work state.


Elwood City is known to have many harsh or inhumane laws. This includes the Assassination Law, which says that whoever kills the mayor becomes their successor. Another law legalizes the murder of all moose during moose season, even if the moose is humanoid.

Ratburn lawsEdit

After Nigel Ratburn became mayor after killing Mayor Hirsch, Ratburn begun a series of excessive school-related laws (he was previously a school teacher). On February 25, 2015, Mayor Ratburn announced that school would now be all year, with no summer break. On or around March 8, 2015, Mayor Ratburn banned snow days, meaning students must go to school no matter what the weather.


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