In this issue, Fern makes a statement against bullying by trying to kill herself.


At school, Fern walks by the lockers dressed in a large hoodie. She seems depressed. Jenna Morgan greets her, and in response Fern pulls out a gun and holds it to her head. All the students are shocked. In a deleted panel, a horde of students are stunned as Fern screams "Nobody move or I'll shoot!"

Arthur attempts to reason with Fern, but she responds by screaming "SHUT UP!" She passionately explains to the class that Francine has been bullying her all year, and enough is enough. Francine is not amused. Fern asks her classmates, "What have I got to live for!?!" The students are taken off-guard since nobody knows why Fern shouldn't kill herself, so they awkwardly avoid her question by coughing and whistling.

Fern prepares for death, saying "Goodbye..." but Binky sneaks up from behind and grabs Fern in a headlock. Fern drops the gun and it triggers, shooting and instantly killing Mary[1] the sheep from Miss Sweetwater's class.

Binky and the rest of the students are stunned, and Fern breaks down crying.


Bold = Major role
" " = unofficial name


  • This issue has a deleted panel, in which a throng of students are stunned as Fern screams "Nobody move or I'll shoot!"



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