Francine Alice Frensky[9] is a female teenage monkey who lives in Elwood City and attends Elwood City High School. She is the daughter of Laverne Crosswire and the late Oliver Frensky, and has an older sister named Catherine. She also has a younger half-brother from her mother's second marriage. While she attended Lakewood Elementary School, Francine was commonly perceived as feisty and occasionally rude. As a high schooler, Francine seems to have adopted a goth/grunge style. While still unafraid to express her thoughts, she has grown more reserved over the years.

As a young girl, Francine dated Chip Crosswire, the on-and-off boyfriend of her sister and, eventually, her mother's husband. The relationship was short-lived. She has also been romantically linked to Arthur Read, one of her closest childhood friends. Their relationship apparently fizzled out for unknown reasons.[8] Francine has stated that she does not approve of Arthur's current girlfriend, Sue Ellen Armstrong.[10]


Early lifeEdit

Francine Alice Frensky was born in 2006 to Oliver and Laverne Frensky, sometime between February 19 and March 20.[2][3] Her older sister, Catherine, had been born earlier in 1998 or 1999. Her father worked as a sanitation engineer, the family's only income. The Frenskys lived in a humble apartment in Westboro Apartments.[9]

Father's suicideEdit

In May 2014, Francine's father lost his job. Moments after telling this news to his wife, Oliver jumped out of the apartment window and fell to his death. As Oliver was the only family member with a job, his death caused the remaining Frenskys to slip into poverty.[11]

Descent into povertyEdit


Francine's extensive injuries.

In June 2014, Francine was involved in a catastrophic accident while riding a horse. She was thrown off the horse's back, then subsequently trampled, seemingly breaking both arms, a leg, and her cranium. While in the hospital, Francine's mother lamented that the family could not afford the medical bill.[12] Later that month, the Frenskys were "exiled" from their Jewish synagogue because Francine ate a few pieces of bacon.[13]

Relationship with Chip CrosswireEdit

Francine's sister, Catherine, had a tumultuous on-and-off relationship with Chip Crosswire, a college-aged man. While Chip and Catherine were on a date at Young & Hip Café, Francine hid inside a decorative plant. When Catherine left to "freshen up," Francine emerged from the plant, and apparently seduced Chip into cheating on Catherine. Catherine returned from the bathroom to see Chip and Francine romantically sharing a drink.[14]


Chip sitting with Chip during their relationship.

Catherine expressed shock and grief and this betrayal. Eventually, Chip suggested a duel to to settle the argument, which Francine won after just one punch.[15] In August 2014, Catherine contemplated suicide due to Chip and Francine's relationship. She sent a desperate text to Chip, who was immediately alarmed. Chip left Francine to reunite with Catherine, preventing her from jumping off Suicide Bridge.[16]

Later in August, Francine's close friend Muffy Crosswirre (Chip's younger sister), confronted Francine. Muffy, who wanted Chip and Catherine to get together, accused Francine of destroying their relationship. This escalated into a larger quarrel, and eventually led to Chip and Catherine's parents learning about the relationship.[17] Later, Catherine ran away from home.[18]

Amidst this drama, Fern Walters listed Francine's bullying as the main reason she attempted suicide in September 2014.[19] By October, the Frenskys' financial destitution had led them to apparently lose their apartment, and they were forced to eat the family pet to survive.[11]

Continued eventsEdit

On December 22, 2014, Francine was offended that Arthur Read brought a cake to the class Christmas party that had the words "Merry Christmas" printed on it, citing her Jewish identity. She requested that Arthur be expelled, which did not happen.[20]

Francine's mother, Laverne, became locked in a vault after attempting to rob a bank. She suddenly noticed that her mother was missing, and called Arthur. Eventually, both Laverne and Jane Read (Arthur's mother, Laverne's accomplice) escaped the vault and returned home.[21]

During the racial segregation of Lakewood Elementary, Francine was denied entry into the Whites Only Club because she was Jewish. This led her to create the Jew Crew.[22]

Prom with Arthur ReadEdit


Arthur and Fracine's kiss as the prom.

In June 2015, Francine was Arthur's date to the Lakewood Prom. Arthur's mother drove him to pick up Francine, and immediately criticized Francine's outfit. At the dance, Francine gave Arthur the cold shoulder, and called the event "boring." Soon after, Francine ran off to the bathroom.[23]
"It's just... my dad's dead, Catherine's missing... It's been a rough year."
—Francine confiding in Arthur at prom.[23]

Arthur followed Francine into the bathroom, where he found her crying. She confessed that she'd had a "rough year," and sobbed into Arthur's shoulder as he told her "I'll always be there for you."[23]

High school and family lifeEdit


Francine pulling her younger half-brother away from the escalating argument.

In 2023, when Francine was a senior in high school, Arthur began dating Sue Ellen Armstrong. Francine was told this by Buster. She did not approve, and told Arthur that Sue Ellen "wasn't right" for him. Arthur responded by acknowledging that what he and Francine had was "special... but that was a long time ago."[10]

Francine's mother, Laverne, had remarried to Chip Crosswire, the ex-boyfriend of both Catherine and Francine. (Catherine, after running away in 2014, still had not returned home.) Laverne and Chip had a son, Oliver, Francine's half-brother. The family now lived in a new apartment, but Laverne and Chip's marriage was strained due to more financial problems. After an eviction notice led to an explosive argument, Laverne, Francine, and Oliver left Chip.[24][25]

Francine, her mother, and Oliver sought refuge at the Read house. Jane assured the family that they could stay as long as they needed.[26]

Living with the ReadsEdit


Francine and Arthur chatting on the roof.

Francine soon adapted to life at the Read house, and even had a job at Hot Topic.[27] Francine and her family regularly got caught up in the Reads' own drama, including Jane's scandalous relationship with Ed Crosswire (coincidentally the father of Laverne's husband, Chip). After a heated fight about Jane and Ed, Francine found Arthur sitting on the roof. The pair chatted about both of their chaotic lives, after which Arthur said: "I'm really sorry about your whole family thing. I'm glad you're here though." The situation became awkward after Arthur's girlfriend, Sue Ellen, found them sitting together.[28]

Some time after, Francine was struggling to get a can of soda out of a jammed vending machine at school. Arthur noticed, and retrieved the soda for her. Sue Ellen approached them suddenly, and began acting curt towards Francine.[29]

Arthur: "Oh! Hey, babe... I was just helping Francine with—"
Sue Ellen: "Hey, BABE. You were supposed to meet me after hologramics, and instead I find you here with... her?!"
Francine: "He was just being nice. Quit being such a nagging shrew."
—Arthur, Sue Ellen, and Francine in a heated confrontation at school.[29]

After this dialogue, Sue Ellen retorted by using Francine's father's suicide against her. This comment provoked Francine, who lunged at Sue Ellen suddenly. Sue Ellen backed away, and Arthur looked on in disgust. After the skirmish, Francine feebly apologized.[30]

Self-harm and mother's attempted suicideEdit


Francine lambasting her mother after she attempted suicide.

Soon after, Francine's mother attempted to kill herself by drinking bleach. Laverne survived the event, but Francine was furious. She asked her mom: "Why would you do this to us? We already have so much crap going on..." After a few minutes, Laverne revealed to the family that Chip, her husband, had died.[31]


Arthur trying to stop Francine from hurting herself.

Francine continued to struggle with Arthur's relationship with Sue Ellen. At one point, she called Arthur to talk but he did not pick up. Francine proceeded to cut herself with a razor. Arthur got home some time later, and yanked the razor out of Francine's hands. After some prompting, Francine confessed to Arthur: "I want you."[32]

Continued tension with ArthurEdit

Sometime after Francine confessed her feelings to Arthur, the pair had an awkward conversation while alone at the dinner table. Arthur admitted that the the feelings were reciprocated, but claimed that it was "not a good time" to act on them; he implied that he was apprehensive to end his relationship with Sue Ellen. This excuse offended Francine, who dryly apologized for her depression and hectic life before storming away.[33]


Francine crying about Arthur on her way to work.

Some time later, Francine had to awkwardly ask Arthur for his car keys while he and Sue Ellen were picking out clothes for the Diplomats' Ball. Unbeknownst to Francine, Arthur later defended her after Sue Ellen said she wasn't "comfortable" with the two living together.[34]
"Listen, Francine is my friend. And she's going through some pretty gnarly stuff right now. Between you and me... she's kind of on the brink. The last thing she needs right now is another problem."
—Arthur's response to Sue Ellen after she asked him to move out.[34]


  • After Catherine married Adolf Robinson, Francine became the last known living person to carry the Frensky family name.
  • In Issue 194, Francine's hair suddenly appears dyed black without any explanation.


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  • In Issue 193, a picture of Francine is seen on Arthur's phone as caller ID.

Awards and nominationsEdit

Ceremony Category Result
1st Woody Awards Best Overall Character Nominated
Best Female Character Won
2nd Woody Awards Best Overall Character Nominated
Best Female Character Nominated
Best Kid/Non-Adult Character Won


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