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George Lundgren (2006 - March 8, 2015) was a shy third grader moose. He has frequent background appearances. He has large antlers that were destroyed by termites in George's Termite Infestation, but they eventually grew back. George's family is Swedish.

He was hunted and killed by Fern Walters on March 8, 2015.




Wally being eaten by termites

George owned a wooden puppet that resembled a giraffe in George's Termite Infestation. The puppet was named Wally, and could apparently talk. Wally was destroyed by termites in his first appearance.

Ratburn-Sweetwater relationshipEdit

George found himself caught in the drama of a secret relationship between Mr. Ratburn and Miss Sweetwater (another third grade teacher) in the issue Ratwater. George saw them kissing, and Ratburn begged him not to tell anyone.


During moose season, which begun on March 8, 2015, George's family was attacked by hunter Fern Walters, and he was killed. During moose season, the murder of moose is legal in the city, so Fern got away without any charges.



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