Grandma Tibble (around 1960 - October 29, 2014) was and elderly bear. Her first name is unknown. She was the grandmother of Timmy and Tommy Tibble.


Fifty years ago, in her preschool years, Mrs. Tibble attended a preschool were Pickles the Clown was employed. Pickles "devoured every preschool in Elwood City," and Mrs. Tibble somehow escaped abuse. Pickles was sent to an insane asylum.

Later, in her adult life, she was still haunted by Pickles' doings. When she discovered that Pickles had escaped the asylum, she was horrified.


Grandma Tibble was attacked and killed by Pickles the Clown after he escaped from the asylum.



  1. Grandma Tibble was in preschool 50 years ago (Pickles, Part 1), and the average age of a preschooler is 4, thus making her estimated age around 54.