Francis Haney and Miss Tingley are in a secret inter-species relationship at Lakewood Elementary. It is hinted at in Undercover Principal, Part 2 when Miss Tingley is massaging Principal Haney's shoulders and giving him advice. Their relationship is officially revealed in Ratwater, Part 5 when Nigel Ratburn and Miss Sweetwater stumble across them kissing. The two couples have an agreement to keep quiet about each other's secret relationships.

Volume 5Edit

In Undercover Principal, Part 2, Miss Tingley is seen massaging Haney's shoulders, then consoling him and helping him with his problems.

Volume 6Edit

During the Ratwater series, Ratburn and Sweetwater declare to Principal Haney their love for each other, only to find Haney and Tingley embracing on Haney's desk. Both couples are shocked, and they form an agreement to keep both relationships secret from the rest of the school, so they can all keep their jobs (Ratwater, Part 5). They haven't addressed the issue since.

Volume 7Edit

While going on a double date with Miss Sweetwater and Mr. Ratburn, Miss Tingley got territorial when is appeared that Miss Sweetwater was trying to steal her boyfriend.

Volume 9Edit

Miss Tingley continues to be highly territorial of Haney when Sweetwater gets to close to him (Revolution, Part 3). Later, Haney dumps Tingley for Miss Sweetwater, because he was "true love's kiss" (Revolution, Part 5).