The Inter-Species Revolution was a series of citizen uprisings against the municipal government of Elwood City, to revoke the longstanding ban on inter-species marriage. The main revolt occurred on February 12, 2015 in downtown Elwood City in front of City Hall. Inter-species marriage was later legalized by Mayor Ratburn on February 25, 2015.

The main leaders of the revolution were Emily's parents, Jean-Claude and Renée McBonjour. After their assassinations by the Elwood City government, Nigel Ratburn took over as leader of the uprising. He lead the riot to overthrow City Hall, resulting in the death of Mayor Hirsch. Ratburn was inaugurated mayor, due to the "assassination law."


Inter-species tensions had been growing in Elwood City since before Volume 1, as seen in the taboos of halfbreeds and inter-species marriage. The first sign of unrest materialized with Emily McBonjour's suicide (Emily's Identity Crisis). Her parents were later arrested for their relationship in August 2014 (Living Illegal). This resulted in the first of a series of rallies in favor of inter-species couples, which the media named the "War for Inter-Species Marriage." (The Power of the People). After the riot, the McBonjours were released from jail. They went on to lead Elwood City up until the Revolution.

The inter-species movement appears to have roots nationwide, with Elwood City leading the country.


Among other hospitals, Elwood City General Hospital was swamped with patients because of the riot. Hundreds of people were injured or killed during the revolution, and the hospital was overwhelmed (House in the House).

Nigel Ratburn, who had been a 3rd Grade teacher, could no longer teach his class now that he was mayor. So his ex-girlfriend and former co-worker, Serenity Sweetwater, merged her class with his (Mayor Ratburn).