"I...have a dream. That one day, people of all species can marry in harmony"
Renée McBonjour, an inter-species icon, minutes before assassination
Inter-species relationship is a term in Elwood, that refers to a romantic couple who are not the same species of animal, a problem that arises in a society of varying animals. It has become a major political issue resulting in many protests and illegal marriages. Inter-speciality is extremely frowned-upon and taboo, and inter-species marriage is illegal in the state in which Elwood takes place (Living Illegal). It is probable that inter-species marriage is also banned in the rest of the alternate United States.

The offspring of inter-species marriages are referred to as halfbreeds, who are seen as freaks of nature. They are hybrids of two animals (or more if their grandparents were inter-species), such as monkey/rabbit or rat/aardvark.

On February 12, 2015, the Inter-Species Revolution took place. Inter-species marriage supporters ambushed the Elwood City capital after the government killed inter-species icons, the McBonjour couple. Mayor Hirsch was killed by Nigel Ratburn, who then became mayor. Nigel Ratburn legalized inter-species marriage in Elwood City on February 25, 2015.

Legal consequencesEdit

The punishment for being married to a different species is usually imprisonment. Renée and Jean-Claude were arrested for their marriage, although they were released in The Power of the People. Being in an inter-species relationship (that is, boyfriend/girlfriend but not married) is not illegal but extremely taboo, and may result in getting ostracized from your social group. Inter-species relationship is cause for getting fired, which is why Mr. Ratburn and Miss Sweetwater keep their relationship a secret.

List of known inter-species relationshipsEdit

This is a list of all of the inter-species relationships and marriages in Elwood.