The one hundred and fifty-ninth issue of Elwood and third issue of Elwood High was released on May 10, 2017.

In this issue, Sue Ellen and Arthur finally confess their feelings for each other.


Sue Ellen returns to her bedroom with her history textbook, and discovers that Arthur has been looking through her diary. Arthur confronts Sue Ellen about the diary, in which there is an entry from Third Grade where Sue Ellen confesses her feelings for Arthur. At first, Sue Ellen is embarrassed and tries to play it off, but then Arthur asks her her pen. In the diary, Arthur writes "ME TOO" under the entry, confirmed that their feelings are mutual. Sue Ellen reads what he wrote, and the couple kiss.



  • Sue Ellen's diary featured in this issue is from the Arthur episode "Sue Ellen's Lost Diary." The diary entry on the left, seen in panel 9, stems from Sue Ellen's comment in "Sue Ellen's Lost Diary," in which she says: "I said some pretty nice things about you!" The entry on the right is from the Arthur episode "So Funny I Forgot to Laugh."


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