The one hundred and sixtieth issue of Elwood and fourth issue of Elwood High was released on May 10, 2017.

In this issue, Buster gripes about his relationship with Ladonna, who has been acting clingy lately. Also, Buster and Arthur gossip about his blossoming relationship with Sue Ellen.


Arthur and Buster are sitting at a booth in Chickin Lickin', and Arthur is talking about his kiss with Sue Ellen. Arthur inquires about Ladonna and Buster's relationship, to which Buster groans. He complains that Ladonna has been planning a couples' trip to Louisiana, and states that he's "gotta ditch her." Suddenly, Ladonna walks into the restaurant, and comes over to Arthur and Buster. She says that Buster's invited to dinner at her house. Buster protests, but Ladonna persists, and the three leave the Chickin Lickin'. As they leave, Jane is shown working behind the counter, calling goodbye to the kids. Her manager scolds her and orders her to work faster.




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