The one hundred and sixty-second issue of Elwood and sixth issue of Elwood High was released on May 11, 2017.

In this issue, Sue Ellen and Arthur plan their first date as news of their relationship spreads...but not everyone approves of the couple.


At school, Sue Ellen is approached by Muffy and Jenna, who start gossiping about her new relationship with Arthur. Suddenly, Arthur arrives next to Sue Ellen, and starts awkwardly asking her about their first date. Confident, Sue Ellen takes charge, setting a date for tomorrow at the Sugar Bowl. The couple agree, and Sue Ellen walks off. Arthur is about to depart when someone calls his name from the corner of the hallway. It's Francine, dressed in a punk outfit. Francine ominously tells Arthur that she doesn't approve of his relationship with Sue Ellen. Arthur tries to reconcile with her, insinuating that he and Francine were once in a relationship, but Francine walks off before he finishes.




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