The one hundred and ninetieth issue of Elwood and thirty-fourth issue of Elwood High was released on December 27, 2017.

​In this issue, three families are rattled by Laverne's attempted suicide.





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Issue 190 was critically acclaimed. Laverne's shocking suicide attempt was lauded by critics as the most intense and dramatic development of Elwood High, even surpassing Chip's successful suicide. Francine's emotional reaction and Millicent and Muffy's appearance in the final panel was also praised. The illustrations, specially those of panel 3 and 4, were especially well-received.


Issue 190 was awarded Best Overall Issue at the 2nd Woody Awards, one of the two most prestigious awards. It also won Best Illustrations and Graphics. It was nominated to Saddest Issue and Most Dramatic Issue, both of which were lost to Issue 188.

Ceremony Category Result
2nd Woody Awards Best Overall Issue Won
Saddest Issue Nominated
Most Dramatic Issue Nominated
Best Illustrations and Graphics Won
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