The one hundred and ninety-fourth issue of Elwood and thirty-eighth issue of Elwood High was released on July 27, 2018.

In this issue, Arthur comes home to find Francine at the lowest she's ever been.


Francine calls Arthur's phone, but is met by his voicemail, upsetting her. About two hours later, Sue Ellen is walking Arthur home after he met her parents over dinner. Arthur seems pleased about the meeting, but Sue Ellen mentions that he should have silenced his phone (which rang during the meal).

Once Arthur gets home, he finds Francine slicing her forearm with a razor. Shocked, Arthur grabs her arm and pulls the razor out of her hands. Francine, sobbing, flops down onto her bed and Arthur puts he head in his hands. Arthur says "I don't understand," to which Francine yells: "I WANT YOU, ARTHUR!"




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