The one hundred and ninety-fifth issue of Elwood and thirty-ninth issue of Elwood High was released on August 4, 2018.

In this issue, Nigel confronts Prunella on her way to school, and tries to dismantle her campaign.


On her way to school, Prunella is flocked by reporters who are pestering her about her mayoral campaign. She gets into a car, thinking it is her Lyft, are is surprised to she her father and political opponent, Nigel Ratburn, sitting across from her.

Prunella immediately guesses Nigel's motive: Asking her to drop out of the race. After initially denying that, Nigel admits that he wants Prunella out. He reasons that she is only running to see Wanda lose. Prunella denies that, and says that the city needed her.

After Nigel starts fishing some bills out of his wallet as a bribe, Prunella commands the self-driving car to stop and let her out.




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