Jean-Claude McBonjour[1] (birth date unknown - February 12, 2015) was a French monkey in Elwood. He is the father of Emily, and the husband of Renée. He was arrested for inter-species marriage, his wife being a rabbit. He seems to have a vocal disability, as he has never spoken in Arthur or Elwood.


Jean-Claude married a rabbit at an unknown time. He is a monkey, and inter-species marriage is illegal in the state he was living in (Living Illegal), but somehow the relationship was hidden from the government. Soon after hiring a French nanny, Marie-Hélène, he and his wife later had their daughter, Emily, a rabbit-monkey. Emily's mother and father kept her true species status disclosed until she was 5, when they told Emily she was a half-breed (Emily's Identity Crisis). Highly disturbed, Emily did suicide by shooting herself in the head (Emily's Identity Crisis). Emily's mother and father apparently anticipated Emily's death.

Later, their inter-species marriage was discovered. On their tenth anniversary, both of Emily's parents were arrested (Living Illegal). Marie-Hélène attempted to save them from the police, resulting in a blow to the head with a club, killing her (Living Illegal).

After a protest supporting inter-species relationship rights, Emily's parents were released from jail, but inter-species marriage was still illegal, with them as an exception (The Power of the People).


In both the original series and Elwood, Jean-Claude never talks to anyone at all. This was even touched upon in the fourth panel of Emily's Identity Crisis, when Jean-Claude's daughter says "...that doesn't explain why dad never talks!" Her inquiry was dismissed. Jean-Claude's silent streak finally ended on February 12, 2015, they day of his death. He noticed his wife holding a bomb, and he screaming "BOMB!" right before it exploded and he and his wife were both killed. That was his last and only known word.


After orating a highly successful speech that supported the legalization of inter-species marraige, McBonjour and his wife where signing autographs for the crowd members. Binky Barnes approached the couple, and asked them to sign an autograph with his own pen. It turned out that that pen was an activated bomb. Jean-Claude noticed the bomb, and screaming "BOMB!" right before it exploded. That was his first and last word. The bomb exploded, killing McBonjour and his wife. Barnes survived the explosion (Revolution, Part 2).



  1. Both his first and last name was revealed in Revolution, Part 1. In the Arthur series, neither of his names are revealed.