Jemima Jewels was Chip Crosswire's wealthy fiancé until they broke up in D-Day. She was later murdered by her ex-fiancé's ex-girlfriend, Catherine Frensky (Frenskwire Love Saga: Catherine Unleashed).


Early life and engagement to ChipEdit

Jemima Jewels was born to Mr. Jewels and her mother at an unknown time, probably in the 1990s. In 2014, she attended college and Tallahassee Tech. While she was at college, she became engaged to Chip Crosswire, a wealthy young man from Elwood City.

At some point, Jemima learned of Catherine Frensky, Chip's ex-girlfriend. Catherine was heartbroken when she learned that Chip was engaged to be married, as she thought that she and Chip were still together (Frenskwire Love Saga: Broken Promises). Meanwhile, Jemima begun to notice that Chip was becoming very distant and distracted after his discussion with Catherine (Frenskwire Love Saga: Life Goes On). Jemima confronted Chip about this, asking him if he still had feelings for Catherine. Distraught, Chip finally admitted that he did still have feelings for Catherine. Jemima furiously demanded that Chip make a final choice: her or Catherine (Frenskwire Love Saga: The Choice). Chip eventually chose Catherine, and the couple broke off their engagement on December 1, 2014 (Frenskwire Love Saga: D-Day). Jemima was devastated by Chip's choice.


Jemima was in her dorm at Tallahassee Tech on December 18, 2014, crying over her breakup with Chip. Catherine Frensky, Chip's ex-girlfriend, came into the room. Catherine had not been told that Chip and Jemima were no longer dating, and she believed Chip was still engaged to Catherine. Catherine, armed with a gun, first shot a sobbing Jemima in the leg. Chip burst into the room just as Catherine fatally shot Jemima in the forehead, causing her immediate death (Frenskwire Love Saga: Catherine Unleashed).

Aftermath of murderEdit

On February 5, 2015, Catherine Frensky was interrogated by police investigators about Jemima's murder. Catherine eventually confessed to the murder, and was arrested (Frenskwire Love Saga: Catherine Cracks).

Her death was covered in an issue of the Tallahassee Times (Frenskwire Love Saga: Catherine Cracks).