In this issue, Buster must cope with the filth of Bo's apartment.


At Bo's apartment, Buster is coughing and wheezing from the billows of smoke polluting the air. Buster pleads with Bo to stop smoking, which is causing the fog. Bo ignores Buster's plea and promptly blows more smoke into the fumes.

Later, Buster scolds Bo on his untidiness — there are stains on his clothes and the couch, trash on the floor, and smears and scratches on the walls. Bo replies, "What am I, your personal maid?" then demands more vodka, which infuriates Buster.

That night, Buster finally finds where Bo has hidden Bitzi's diary: the toilet. Reaching into the toilet bowl, Buster pulls out the diary and opens it. Suddenly, fumes of dust and soot erupt from the ancient book into Buster's face, swirling around him. Buster begins choking and screaming for help. In the reflection of his eye, Bo is standing smugly while Buster suffers.


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