Lakewood Elementary is a public school in Elwood City. Most of the third-grader characters attend school at Lakewood. It has been destroyed or condemned three times so far.

Francis Haney works as the school's principal (The Ratburn Scandal). Nigel Ratburn works as a teacher at the school. Mrs. MacGrady was the school lunch lady until she died of flesh-eating bacteria (Mrs. MacGrady's Life-Threatening Disease). John Morris used to be the janitor, until he broke his leg in the Arthur episode "April 9th."

List of studentsEdit

This is a list of named students that attend Lakewood Elementary, who appear in the Elwood series, in alphabetical order.

*Lydia Gordan, Marina Datillo, and Carl do not go to Lakewood in the original show. In Elwood, they do.

List of staff membersEdit

List of times the school was destroyedEdit

This is a list of the times that Lakewood was either destroyed or condemned.