The following is a list of deaths occurring in Elwood. There have been a total of 27 deaths throughout the Elwood series (not including Elwood Nano), including three non-person deaths and three suicides. Pickles the Clown holds the record for most kills, with at least six. Fern Walters comes in second with three confirmed kills, and many others are tied for third with two kills.


Issue # Death # Deceased Type Cause of death Killer(s)
95 ? (unknown how many were actually killed) "Every preschooler in Elwood City fifty years ago." Murder Unknown Pickles
1 1 Emily McBonjour Suicide Shot herself in the head with a gun. Herself
4 2 Oliver Frensky Suicide Jumped out of his apartment building window. Himself
8 3 Leah MacGrady Death by illness She contracted flesh-eating bacteria, which eventually caused her death.
26 4 Mrs. Barnes Murder (unintentional) Accidentally harpooned by Arthur when he was hunting for whales. Arthur Read
45 5/6 (killed at same time) Kara Baxter Murder Crushed under the wheel of Bitzi's car in a grocery store parking lot. Bitzi Baxter
45 Baby B. Baxter Murder Bitzi Baxter
53 7 Marie-Hélène Fatal police brutality (murder?) Skull crushed after being hit in the head by a club. Unnamed police officer
67 8 Bitzi Baxter Execution She was executed by electrocution after receiving the capital punishment for murder. Bo Baxter (technically the government)
75 9 Mary Murder (unintentional) Hit by a stray bullet when Fern dropped her gun following an suicide attempt. Fern Walters
76 10 Corey Murder Strangled with a rope. Arthur Read
89 11 Bo Baxter Murder Stabbed through the abdomen. Buster Baxter
95 12 Grandma Tibble Murder Impaled by Pickles's fist. Pickles
97 13 Miss Morgan Murder Stabbed with a knife. Pickles
Sometime before 98 14/15/16/17 (order of deaths unknown) Timmy Tibble Murder Unknown (seen impaled through the head after death) Pickles
Tommy Tibble Murder Pickles
Amanda Hulser Murder Unknown (seen mutilated after death) Pickles
James MacDonald Murder Unknown (seen mutilated after death) Pickles
121 18 Jemima Jewels Murder Shot in the head with a gun. Catherine Frensky
138 19/20 (killed at same time) Renée McBonjour Murder Explosion from a bomb hidden inside a pen. Binky Barnes, hired by Mayor Hirsch.
138 Jean-Claude McBonjour Murder
140 21 Mayor Hirsch Murder Thrown off of the roof of city hall. Nigel Ratburn
145 22 George Lundgren Legal murder Shot with a rifle. Fern Walters
Sometime before 148 23 Mrs. Lundgren Legal murder Most likely shot with a rifle. Fern Walters
151 24 Grandpa Dave Suicide He tore open his own chest and ripped out his heart. Himself
180 25 Chip Crosswire Suicide Jumped off a cliff into the ocean. Himself

Non-person deathsEdit

Issue # Deceased Cause of death Killer(s)
4 Nemo Eaten by the Frensky family. Francine, Catherine, and Laverne Frensky.
20 Wally Destroyed by termites.
26 Unnamed whale Harpooned by a whale hunter. David Read

Kill countsEdit

Rank Killer Known kills Net kill count Kill count (adjusted for severity)
1st Pickles 6 + ? 6 + ?
2nd Fern Walters 3 2
3rd (tie) Bitzi Baxter 2 2
Mayor Hirsch 2 2
4th Binky Barnes 2 1.9
5th Arthur Read 2 1.5
6th Catherine Frensky 1 1.25
7th (tie) Buster Baxter 1 1
Nigel Ratburn 1 1
8th Unnamed police officer 1 0.75
9th Bo Baxter
  • Bitzi Baxter (execution, technically by the governent) +0.25
1 0.25
Grandpa Dave
  • Himself (suicide) +0
1 0
Emily McBonjour
  • Herself (suicide) +0
1 0
Oliver Frensky
  • Himself (suicide) +0
1 0
10th (three-way tie) David Read
  • Unnamed whale (non-person kill) +0.25
0 0.25
Laverne Frensky
  • Nemo (non-person kill) +0.25
0 0.25
Francine Frensky
  • Nemo (non-person kill) +0.25
0 0.25