This is a list of romantic relationships in Elwood, in order of appearance.

Participants First Featured Status Description Children
"Emily's mother" & "Emily's father" 1 Married Since the suicide of their daughter, Emily, her unnamed parents seem to have a stable relationship. But one is a monkey and the other is a rabbit, resulting in their arrest for inter-species marriage. They were later released after a protest. Emily †

† & Bo Baxter

3 Divorced Bitzi and Bo Baxter were extremely violent and vengeful to each other, with their son Buster often getting caught between them. Bitzi was executed in The Day of Reckoning, Part 2. Buster Baxter
Laverne & Oliver Frensky 4 Widowed Laverne and Oliver Frensky had an unstable relationship from the start, due to their poverty. Laverne was widowed when Oliver committed suicide. Francine Frensky, Catherine Frensky
Jane & David Read 10 Married David frequently gets drunk and abuses his wife Jane, forcing her to slave away in the kitchen all day. Arthur Read, D.W. Read, Kate Read
Ramón & Mrs. Molina 14 Married Ramón Molina and his wife were illegal immigrants from Ecuador, living next door to the Reads until the Molinas were deported. Alberto Molina, Vicita Molina
Millicent & Ed Crosswire 17 Married The wealthy couple is seen in You Are Muffy, however haven't interacted to date. Ed works at a car dealership. Muffy Crosswire, Chip Crosswire
Mr. & Mrs. Barnes18 Widowed Mrs. Barnes seems to push around her powerless husband, even going so far to giving away their adopted daughter from China without his permission. She was involuntarily murdered by Arthur with a harpoon in A Whale of a Slaughter. Binky Barnes, Mei Lin Barnes (former adoptive)
Kara & Bo Baxter22 Widowed Bo went behind Bitzi's back to marry Kara, the perfect woman. Unlike Bo's relationship with Bitzi, Bo and Kara seem to genuinely love each other. Kara was murdered by Bitzi in Bitzi Goes Ballistic. Baby B. Baxter

Bitzi Baxter † & Harry Mills 23 Broken Up Bitzi and Harry have an on-and-off relationship, originating in the Arthur episode Bitzi's Beau. Bitzi attempted to marry Harry to get Bo jealous, until Bo called the wedding off and Harry dumped Bitzi. none
Bitzi Baxter † & John Morris 29 Broken Up When Bitzi was depressed from the events in I Wanna Marry Harry, Buster set up his mom and alien enthusiast John Morris on a dream date in New Mexico. After some hesitation, Bitzi and Morris really clicked. But when Bitzi revealed that she didn't believe in aliens, Morris dumped her and revealed that he already had a girlfriend.  none
John Morris & Zorkbo 30 Separated Morris and Zorkbo had an odd relationship, with him being a dog and her a space alien. But they made it work, and they loved each other fiercely. It was because Zorkbo loved Morris so much that she had to leave to return to her own planet, Zionica. none
Catherine Frensky & Chip Crosswire 34 Dating / Off and on Catherine and Chip began dating each other when Francine and Muffy set them up. The romance blossomed from there, and through an affair and attempted suicide, their love lives on. none
Francine Frensky & Chip Crosswire 39 Broken Up Chip met Catherine's younger sister, Francine, and they supposedly fell in love. Chip has sense broken up with Francine many times, just to get back together later. Currently, then are not together. none
Nigel Ratburn & Miss Sweetwater 69 Secret relationship Both teachers at Lakewood Elementary, Mr. Ratburn and Miss Sweetwater started seeing each other at an unkown time. Their relationship was revealed in Ratwater, Part 1 when it appears that they've been meeting in the teacher's lounge for some time. Although they both love each other passionately, Sweetwater is hesitant to their love due to the implications that come along with an inter-species relationship, which is cause for being fired. none
Francis Haney & Miss Tingley 73 Secret relationship Their secret relationship was revealed in Ratwater, Part 5 when they are seen kissing on Haney's desk. They are keeping their relationship secret because of the taboo associated with inter-species relationships. none
Sally MacGill & Corey † 76 Broken Up Arthur's babysitter Sally MacGill, and her boyfriend Corey, seemed to have a steady relationship until it was revealed in Arthur's Babysitter Drama that they had broken up. Things got complicated, and Arthur ended up strangling Corey to death. none
Bo Baxter † & Chelsea Darlings 83 Separated by death Soon after the death of Bo's ex-wife Bitzi, Bo picked up a new girlfriend from the local nightclub, named Chelsea. She seems to be a perfect fit for Bo; they are both snobby and rude. Buster is extremely offended at his father's new relationship. Later, Bo was stabbed to death by his own son (Buster Baxter), so their relationship was obviously over. none
Chip Crosswire & Jemima 85 Broken Up When Chip's girlfriend Catherine travelled to Tallahassee Tech to reunite with her lost lover, she found that Chip was already engaged to a wealthy hair supermodel, Jemima. This drove a wedge through their relationship. none
Nigel Ratburn & Wanda Deegan 106 Divorced It is revealed that Mr. Ratburn and Wanda Deegan were at one time married, and had two halfbreeds: Prunella and Rubella Deegan. Soon after, they divorced because of their inter-species relationship. Prunella Deegan, Rubella Deegan
Mr. Sweetwater & Mrs. Sweetwater 108 Married Sweetwater's parents come to visit the couple for Thanksgiving. Miss Sweetwater