The Lundgren Massacre was a series of murders commited by Fern Walters in March of 2015. During moose season, the hunting and killing of moose individuals is fully legal, so Fern Walters was not arrested or punished for the murder.


Before the killingsEdit

On March 7, 2015, Fern Walters was acting erratically in her home, obsessed with the upcoming moose season. She had an image of one of the victims, George Lundgren, on her wall. Doria Walters, Fern's mother, claimed that Fern's obsession began after watching Bambi.

First killingEdit

On March 8, the Lundgrens (a family of moose) were sitting down to eat dinner. Fern was looking in through the window, and pointing her gun at George Lundgren. Fern then proceeded to shoot George with her gun. On the scene of the murder, Fern began to tear into George's dead body and eat the meat, calling it "delectable". George's mother and father were spared during the first killing.

Second killingEdit

On March 16, 2015, Fern Walters posted an image on El-Chat with the dead body of Mrs. Lundgren, George's mother who had survived the first killing. The associated text read: "just cauhgt me anothah 500 pounder for #MooseSeason #NoRagrets". It is unknown when Mrs. Lundgren was actually killed and when Fern returned to the Lundgren house hold. George's father, Neil Lundgren, was not seen or mentioned in the post, so it is unknown if he was also killed.