Marina Datillo (born 2005) is rabbit who is friends with Prunella Deegan. She was born blind, but her vision was restored after she was injected with hydroglycerine.


Marina Datillo was born to Mr. and Mrs. Datillo sometime in 2005. She attended Lakewood Elementary in 4th Grade, but in the original series she did not.

On October 21, 2014, Marina acquired a seeing-eye dog named Killer from the dog's previous owner, Thora Read. Killer was about to be euthanized, when Marina and her friend bought the dog. After almost three months with living with Killer, Marina got into an accident on January 31, 2015. Killer was dragging Marina across the street, and Marina was hit by a car owned by Francis Haney (Because of Killer).

Marina was admitted to the hospital, and stayed there for almost a month, in a "slow recovery". Finally, she was tended to by Gregory House, a doctor in the drama ward. Dr. House used 50 CCs of hydroglycerine and injected it into Marina's temple. Suddenly, Marina exclaimed "I...I can see!" Marina regained her vision on March 2, 2015 (House in the House). The next day, after being hit in the eye by a football, Marina became blind once again (Marina Sees the Light).