The Mayor of Elwood City is the chief executive of Elwood City, Pennsylvania in the United States. The current officeholder is Republican Nigel Ratburn, a former schoolteacher. Ratburn first ascended to the office in 2015, and is currently a candidate in the 2023 election.

The office of Mayor is unique for its use of the infamous "Assassination Law," which decrees that anyone who kills an incumbent mayor immediately becomes the next mayor. Current Mayor Ratburn used this law to ascend to the office after pushing Mayor Hirsch off the roof of a building. However, he later became an advocate of repealing the law despite the Elwood City Council's strong preference for it.[3]

The Mayor's second-in-command and running mate is the Deputy Mayor of Elwood City.[2]

List of Mayors of Elwood CityEdit

Name Began Ended Notes
Hirsch Unknown February 12, 2015 Died in office; First name unknown
Nigel Ratburn February 12, 2015 Incumbent

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