John Morris and Bitzi Baxter had a brief relationship when Buster introduced them in The Baxterette, Part 1. At first they seemed almost perfect together, but Bitzi's alien skepticism broke them apart.

Volume 3Edit

Depressed from her failed wedding, Bitzi is desperate to get a boyfriend. Buster plots to hook her up with the former janitor at Lakewood Elementary, John Morris. Buster and Morris were great friends because of their shared obsession with aliens, until Morris had to move away to Roswell, New Mexico. Bitzi and Buster travel to New Mexico, and Buster introduces them. At first Bitzi is disgusted as Morris' various tatoos and alien piercings (The Baxterette, Part 1).

Soon, Bitzi and Morris go on a "date," on a ride in Morris' flying saucer. At first Bitzi is hesitant, but they soon click and become intimate. The relationship looks like it might go somewhere, until Bitzi reveals that she doesn't believe in aliens. Morris is severely offended, and crashes the flying saucer immediately. The relationship receives the final blow when Morris tells Bitzi that he already has a girlfriend (The Baxterette, Part 2).